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Outstation Taxi Service at Lowest Fare

We enjoy the fact that when you travel by cab, you are in charge. You can stop wherever you want for a quick break, divert to a hidden gem along the way, and sample the local cuisines. The number of surprises on a road trip increases the thrill of the journey. You travel to new areas and discover that no town is small. We have something for the wanderers who enjoy being on the road. We live for the unexpected discoveries we make on-road as well as the new places we can visit.

There is no such thing as a tiny or large city. We have the best-in-class chauffeur-driven services no matter where you are in the country. If you're a traveller, you can visit any of the over 15 lakh destinations at any time. All you have to do now is pack your luggage and rent a Zeo Taxi to embark on your next adventure. You can never go wrong on the road with Zeo Taxi's Outstation cab services. We provide exceptional service, knowledgeable local chauffeurs to guide you through your journey, clean and sanitized vehicles for your comfort, and a completely transparent invoicing system, so you only pay for what you see.

Why should you use Zeo Taxi Outstation Cabs?

You don't just get a driver when you use Zeo Taxi's outstation taxi service; you get an expert chauffeur who is specially trained to drive long distances, speaks your language, and can recommend places to eat, see, and shop. At Zeo Taxi, we take safety very seriously, which is why all of our drivers are background-checked and undergo extensive training and sensitization. Furthermore, our 24-hour support assures that assistance is only a phone call away if you have any problems throughout your journey.

You can also choose between a round journey on all routes or a one-way drop on 15 lakh routes, in which case you will only be charged for the distance travelled and save half of the entire round-trip cost. We firmly believe in allowing our clients to make informed decisions. Thus we provide a wide range of vehicle options, ranging from hatchbacks and sedans to Innovas, Tempo Travelers, and even luxury vehicles. We also offer complete itinerary flexibility for outstation cab bookings so that you can enjoy not only the destination but also all the minor detours along the way.

Topping it all off, we offer our outstanding best-in-class service, which includes free pickup and drop-off at your home or office, as well as no cancellation fees because we understand that plans sometimes change. So please make a reservation with us immediately, and an outstation cab will arrive at your place in less than an hour.

How can you Hire a Taxi to Zeo Taxi from a nearby Location?

When you book an outstation taxi with Zeo Taxi, our cab will arrive at your destination, no matter where you are. The technique for hiring an outstation cab online is simple and painless:

  • Choose between a round trip and one-way ride when you select Outstation.
  • Enter your pickup city and destination, as well as the pickup date and time, and our professional chauffeur will arrive at the set time to pick you up.

You can call us directly at 07275495696 to finish your outstation car booking, and our customer service representatives will take care of the rest. Our vehicle rental booking app provides a straightforward interface for reserving a cab in under 30 seconds for those of you who are digitally savvy.

Choose from a variety of outstation vehicle rental options

Whatever your group size or travel requirements, choose from our vast fleet of high-quality vehicles. We have them all from affordable hatchbacks to huge Tempo Travellers and four-wheeler automobile rentals for outstation journeys.

When to use Zeo Taxi to hire a cab for an outstation trip - We've got you covered. Our Outstation automobile rental service is convenient and straightforward, and you can use it for various purposes.

1- We believe that you should have complete control over your time. So our professional drivers will make sure that you not only arrive at your destination rested and refreshed but that you are also picked up and dropped off on time so that you can make the most of your short trip.

2- Our luxurious premium automobiles will ensure that you arrive fresh and prepared for your outstation meeting.

3- A road trip is one of our all-time favourite activities. Allow yourself the entire latitude in planning your schedule, and don't be afraid to stop and explore along the way. Our drivers have extensive route knowledge and local experience and will assist you in finding the best spots to sightsee, buy, and dine.

4- We cover all main pilgrimage sites, and our best-in-class service will ensure a smooth and comfortable intercity journey.

Don't be concerned about last-minute reservations; we enjoy unexpected arrangements just as much as you do. When you book a Zeo Taxi, we'll have a car at your door in less than an hour. Our rates for outstation taxis are meagre and competitive.

For the outstation taxi from any specific city of India, we will fully support well-known drivers who may also be good assistants on the way to your trip. With outstation car rentals, you can choose an outstation round trip or one-way trip as you require. For both types of taxi tours, Zeo Taxi offers taxi booking packages at the best rates and within your budget.

Booking Outstation Round Trip Taxi

If you are planning to make an outstation round trip taxi, you can ride with us to make your trip memorable & hassle-free. During round trip travel, it may be the best deal to book a round-trip cab service. We will provide outstation car rentals from one city to multiple cities at the best possible prices.

Our Outstation Taxi in India: -

Outstation One Way Transfer Cabs 

When travelling from one city to another, we will provide the best rates on outstation cabs for one-way services. With the help of Zeo Taxi, you can get various one way car packages for transfer to your destination. After picking up from the home location, we will provide a safe & convenient ride with the best-rated drivers.

Car Rental for Outstation Tour in India

A road trip is travelling by car with a long itinerary, whether in a group or by yourself. It satisfies your deeper senses with the pleasure of open spaces. When arranging a vacation tour, a road trip always provides an excellent and enjoyable experience and the opportunity to take in natural beauty along your travel routes.

List of Outstation Car Rental in India

Zeo Taxi offers a variety of thrilling road trips with breathtaking vistas of natural, architectural, and cultural splendor. And, whether you're visiting with a family, a party, or alone, vehicle rentals become the most convenient way to travel on your preferred path. You can easily organize a road trip with Zeo Taxi by arranging a short or long trip plan for India with a vehicle rental tour package at low fare deals.

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Here are our happy clients who have experienced our services. We nextly will try to provide the same taxi-cab services for our customers who need for local, outstation, oneway, round trip or pickup-drop car rental with driver.

JP Bharati


It was a good experience when I travel to India with Zeo Taxi. I traveled in two cities, first Indore to Omkareshwar and second Gorakhpur to Kathmandu. Both of my trips was very supportive regarding car rental services booked from Zeo Taxi. Thanks.



Great taxicab service and reasonable pricing, great time for pick up and drop off when I needed car. While I was traveling from Lucknow to Ayodhya, it was also a great deal for Zeo Taxi. Also liked helpful, friendly and pleasant staffs. I'll recommend Zeo Taxi...

Ramdas Sharma

[Camera Man]

The cab service provided by Zeo Taxi was exceptional. Driver was 50+ in age but he had a good experience and he helped us very well during travel to Kolkata. Fare price was also compatible with affordable and lowest package as I compared with others. Thanks....