Fleet of Cars to Book in Ranchi

With Zeo Taxi, book a fleet of cars in Ranchi with SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles), MUVs (Multi-Utility Vehicles), Sedans, Hatchbacks and Tempo Travelers. These are the most prestigious multi-premium vehicles, for a comfortable and wealthy journey. You may now travel in the opulent luxury of India's top MUV and SUV along with Sedan and Hatchback cabs at reasonable rates. Zeo Taxi also offers the lowest fare packages to our valuable customers. We suggest these highly favored taxicabs with their prompt pick-up and drop-off services. You find a taxi with friendly drivers and well-sanitized cars with 24x7 services. With these beautiful features, you have the option to book these cabs on the basis of your comfort, both online and offline.

Since the Zeo Taxi network is well-established, we always promise timely services for local and nearby spots. Zeo Taxi offers the luxurious comfort of SUVs, MUVs, Sedans, and Hatchbacks along with Tempo Travelers. With roomy different-seater cars, book a cab keeping in mind lengthy vacations with lots of luggage and large families who have chosen a fun ride. Let’s see a fleet of cabs to hire in Ranchi for a trip: -

Types of Fleet of Cars in Ranchi

When making mind to book a cab on the basis of its type, you can surely get a good option with Zeo Taxi. Make hire your favourite car for local trips and outstation journeys for one-way and round trips. Let’s see some of the best types of cars to hire: -

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) Cabs in Ranchi

Book SUV cars on hire in Ranchi and plan your trip with your family or friends with us. SUVs are a car body type that includes both passenger and off-road vehicles and are pretty popular in the Indian market for hire for a trip. However, compact SUVs are a rarity, measuring under 4 meters. Instead, SUVs are often huge and measure well over 4 meters. Because of their lofty bodylines, SUVs give the driver a commanding perspective on the road ahead. Additionally, SUVs feature high ground clearance, which improves their ability to handle uneven terrain and elevates their stance. These characteristics set them apart from all other vehicle body styles. Therefore, you can easily book an SUV taxi in Ranchi for an outstation or local ride. Let’s see some of them: -

  1. Hyundai Creta
  2. Toyota Fortuner
  3. Mahindra XUV
  4. Mahindra Scorpio
  5. Tata Safari
  6. BMW
  7. Hyundai Tucson
  8. Audi
  9. Mercedes Benz
  10. Nissan Kicks
  11. Volvo
  12. Mahindra Scorpio

MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle) Cars in Ranchi

When looking for an MUV taxi in Ranchi, you will find a fleet of cars here. A multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) or multi-utility vehicle (MUV) is designed for optimum usefulness and practicability. A MUV is sometimes called a people carrier due to its capacity to accommodate up to 10 passengers. In addition, due to their larger interiors and more seats, MUVs are often chosen as the vehicle of choice for long-distance driving. You can hire MUV cabs in Ranchi for a local trip or an outstation journey. Let's see some of the MUV cars available here for rent: -

  1. Toyota Innova
  2. Toyota InnovaCrysta
  3. Datsun GO
  4. Renault Triber
  5. Mahindra Marazzo
  6. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
  7. Kia Carnival

Sedan on Rent in Ranchi

While booking a fleet of cars in Ranchi, Sedan cars may be one of the best options. In contrast to hatchbacks, sedans feature a distinct boot area that extends to the car's bodyline. As a result, when you open the boot of a sedan, you are just opening the boot and not the whole vehicle. In addition, a sedan often has a bigger trunk than a hatchback since the boot is in a distinct location. You can book a Sedan cab in Ranchi for a small family ride.

In India, sedans come in various sizes, from small, economic models under 4 metres long to large, luxurious models over 5 metres long. A sedan costs more than a hatchback because of its distinct structure, but it also offers a larger interior passenger capacity, which gives passengers more leg-room. Booking a Sedan taxi for 1-4 passengers may be a good deal for your trip. Let’s see some of the best Sedans available with Zeo Taxi: -

  1. Swift Dzire
  2. Toyota Etios
  3. Honda Amaze
  4. Honda City
  5. Skoda Slavia

Hatchback Cars on Hire in Ranchi

In the list of a fleet of cars in Ranchi, hatchbacks may be a good deal too. Regarding total sales, hatchbacks are among India's most popular automobile body shapes. An automobile style known as a hatchback includes four-door models with an extra rear hatch that opens upward to access the trunk. Hatchbacks are ideal for accommodating up to 5 people since they typically have small bodies. The segment's most notable feature, nevertheless, is the boot below the back seats that is part of the vehicle rather than a separate compartment. Therefore, opening a hatchback's hinged trunk is akin to opening the car itself. Hence, you can book a hatchback taxi in Ranchi for 1–4 passengers.

Hatchbacks are considered the ideal vehicles for city driving. They are simple to control in heavy traffic and small enough to fit through small streets. In addition, hatchbacks are simple to park since they are also made to be smaller during a taxi trip to Ranchi. Here are some of the top Hatchback cars available in Ranchi to hire: -

  1. Hyundai Grand
  2. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R
  3. Maruti Suzuki Baleno
  4. Maruti Suzuki Swift

Tempo Travelers in Ranchi

If you have any immediate plans to visit Ranchi, renting a tempo traveller in Ranchi will relieve the stress of trying to locate transportation inside the city. Moreover, a tempo traveller for hire in Ranchi for outstation travel will carry you to all your selected locations without worrying about transportation, whether it is a family getaway, vacation with friends, or work trip.

Hire a tempo traveller from Zeo Taxi and take advantage of amenities like spotless cars, transparent invoicing, advice from travel professionals, polite drivers, and dependable services, all very simply and easily. Touring the city is unquestionably the most comfortable mode of transportation. In Ranchi, a tempo rider per kilometer costs likewise pretty affordable and will meet your needs. Booking a seater-wise tempo traveller in Ranchi for a hassle-free vacation is now possible as you have all the information you want.

You may choose from the following configurations depending on your convenience and the number of passengers.

  1. 10 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi
  2. 12 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi
  3. 14 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi
  4. 15 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi
  5. 16 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi
  6. 17 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi
  7. 18 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi
  8. 20 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi
  9. 22 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi
  10. 24 seater Tempo Traveller for Booking in Ranchi

Why Fleet of Cabs to Explore your Journey?

When thinking to hire the types of cars available in Ranchi, you will get here in lots of variety. In the view why we choose a fleet of cars comes to mind when riding with your family or friends and don’t have an idea what types of cars you will have to book. When it comes to entertaining their high-profile clients, corporations prefer to reserve various types of cars because they fall under the luxury category. We at Zeo Taxi provide business clients with easy, affordable day trip packages and company vehicle rental services. The effective crew at Zeo Taxi is behind the many luxurious vehicle rental services, with punctual pick-up and drop-off as well as well-kept cabs.

Our drivers (Zeo Taxi) are exceptionally polite, well-mannered, and knowledgeable about all roads and routes. They also stay current on the most recent traffic patterns and developments, ensuring our customers have a positive tour experience. In addition, we offer our clients a bottle of fresh mineral water as a complimentary service, and we also give them the day's newspaper so they may stay up to date on the news in the city of their choice.

The SUV, MUV, or Sedans are the vehicle of choice for outstation car rentals because it is well-suited for lengthy trips. Zeo Taxi guarantees that you will travel comfortably through all road conditions in our well-maintained cars, thanks to its roomy interiors. Our cars are popular for larger families and friends traveling together since it makes long-distance travel enjoyable.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions for SUV, MUV, or Sedan Car Rental in Ranchi

There are some FAQs for the SUV or MUV taxi rental in Ranchi that will help you to get the best deal. It helps you to book a taxi easily and at an affordable fare deal. Let's see: -

1: Can I pay by debit card/credit card/Wallet during the Ranchi SUV taxi booking?

Surely, you can pay the fare by using a debit card, credit card, or wallet with the help of our gateway links.

2: Do I need to pay in advance for the Ranchi Sedan Cabs?

When one is asking for some advance for a Ranchi SUV taxi service means your cab would be held for your ride after that advance. So, pay the advance for your ride safety with Zeo Taxi.

3: How can I get the best deal on an MUV taxi hire in Ranchi?

For airport taxi booking in Ranchi, hold your cab someday prior after paying some advance amount. Also, check the taxi fare with more than one company to get the best deals during your ride.

4: What is the basic Hatchback taxi fare in Ranchi?

The taxi fare for and from Ranchi Airport totally depends on your type of journey. If making a local taxi ride, you will find various affordable packages starting from 1532/-. And, for outstation taxi hire from Ranchi Airport, book a cab rate starting from 9.5/-. Other terms apply.

5: Which type of taxi hire is good for Ranchi travel?

For the Ranchi trip, book an Airport taxi based on the number of passengers like a Sedan (Swift Dzire, Etios, Tata Zest, etc.) for 1-4 passengers and an SUV (Toyota Innova, Innova Crysta, Tavera, etc.) for 5-8 passengers and a Tempo Traveler for more than 7 passengers.

6: How to book the cheapest SUV car rental for and from Ranchi?

When looking for the cheapest taxi rental for and from Ranchi Airport, you can book someday prior and pay some advance to confirm and hold the cab.

7: Can I book a Tempo Traveler to Ranchi for a group tour?

Yes, book a Ranchi car hire like Sedan for 4 people, an SUV for 6-7 people, or a Tempo Traveler for more than 8 people during a group tour.

8: Can I carry pets while riding by an MUV car booking in Ranchi?

Of course, easily carry a pet during a taxi trip from Ranchi with Zeo Taxi. You just need to pay 100-150 extra for cleaning the taxi.


Here are our happy clients who have experienced our services. We nextly will try to provide the same taxi-cab services for our customers who need for local, outstation, oneway, round trip or pickup-drop car rental with driver.

JP Bharati Review

JP Bharati


It was a good experience when I travel to India with Zeo Taxi. I traveled in two cities, first Indore to Omkareshwar and second Gorakhpur to Kathmandu. Both of my trips was very supportive regarding car rental services booked from Zeo Taxi. Thanks.

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Great taxicab service and reasonable pricing, great time for pick up and drop off when I needed car. While I was traveling from Lucknow to Ayodhya, it was also a great deal for Zeo Taxi. Also liked helpful, friendly and pleasant staffs. I"ll recommend Zeo Taxi...

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Ramdas Sharma

[Camera Man]

The cab service provided by Zeo Taxi was exceptional. Driver was 50+ in age but he had a good experience and he helped us very well during travel to Kolkata. Fare price was also compatible with affordable and lowest package as I compared with others. Thanks....