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Taxi Service in Bathinda

taxi service in Bathinda
All Taxi-Cab at One Place

To Hire a Taxi- Cab & Car Rental with a well-trained chauffeur, Zeo Taxi is committed to providing affordable and lowest fare deals with 24x7 services at one platform.

taxi service in Bathinda
Full-Time Customer Support

With 24x7 taxi-cab services, we provide full-time customer support with great efficiency for all types of trips like an outstation round trip, oneway, local or pick-up & drop to airport.

taxi service in Bathinda
Easy Booking Interface

We offer easy methods of taxi-cab booking where our clients can book a cab online, by calling customer care, or by sending mails 24 hours of the day.

Bathinda Taxi Service

Book Bathinda taxi service as a superior option to explore the local city as well as outstation round trip and one-way drop. Bhatinda is a major spot in the state and offers scads of tourist places in and around. To explore your favourite places, the taxi service in Bathinda will be the best option with Zeo Taxi. You can book Bhatinda cabs with 24x7 services for any corner of the country.

With an affordable taxi fare, outstation round-trip cabs from Bathinda and one-way transfer vehicles are available any time for your ride. You can also find many other facilities by calling our customer care number +91-7275495696.

About Bhatinda: Overview

Bathinda, also known as Bhatinda, is a historic city located in the state of Punjab, India. Situated in the northern part of the country, Bathinda holds significant cultural, religious, and historical importance, making it an intriguing destination for travellers. The city is well-connected by road and rail, and its unique blend of heritage and modernity offers visitors a memorable experience.

  1. Historical Significance: Bathinda boasts a rich history that dates back to ancient times. The city is believed to have been established by the Bhati Rajput kings, and it has witnessed the rise and fall of various dynasties, including the Mauryans, Guptas, and Mughals. One of the city's most prominent historical landmarks is the Qila Mubarak, a grand fortress constructed in the 1st century AD. The Lakhi Jungle area, located nearby, is said to be the site of the ancient city of Sakala, mentioned in Hindu scriptures.

  2. Religious Sites: Bathinda is a melting pot of various religious faiths, and travellers can explore a variety of sacred sites. The Takht Sri Damdama Sahib, one of the five Sikh Takhts (thrones of authority), is a significant pilgrimage site for Sikhs. Another important Sikh gurdwara is Gurdwara Haji Rattan, commemorating the visit of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Additionally, the Mazaar of Peer Haji Rattan, a revered Muslim shrine, draws devotees from different parts of the country.

  3. Thermal Power Plant: One of the unique attractions in Bathinda is the Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant, one of the oldest power plants in Punjab. The plant's cooling tower, visible from afar, has become an iconic landmark of the city.

  4. Bathinda Lake: One of the most popular spots for both tourists and locals alike is Bathinda Lake, also known as the Rose Garden. Spanning over 40 acres, the lake offers a serene environment, ideal for picnics and leisurely walks. Boating facilities are also available for visitors to enjoy the tranquil waters.

  5. Shopping and Cuisine: For shopaholics, Bathinda offers bustling markets with a vibrant mix of traditional Punjabi apparel, handicrafts, and other goods. The city's cuisine is a delightful journey for food enthusiasts, featuring authentic Punjabi dishes like sarson da saag, makki di roti, and butter chicken.

  6. Rangbirangi Mela: Bathinda hosts the vibrant Rangbirangi Mela annually, a cultural extravaganza that celebrates the region's traditional music, dance, and art forms. This event attracts both locals and tourists, offering an insight into Punjab's rich cultural heritage.

  7. Nearby Attractions: Bathinda serves as a gateway to various nearby attractions, including the historical city of Sirhind, the temple town of Talwandi Sabo, and the holy city of Amritsar, home to the Golden Temple, one of the most revered sites for Sikhs worldwide.

Book Local Cabs in Bathinda

Have you ever been to a new city and wanted to explore all the hidden corners? Have you ever longed to take a day off and spend it touring the most exciting parts of your city? Spend a whole day exploring the city's oldest monuments, oldest cafés, and the best shopping areas. It will always be easily available at Zeo Taxi at affordable local taxi fare deals.

Getting a cab rental has never been easier. We will delight you with our outstanding service if you book a taxi with Zeo Taxi in less than a minute. Let's see some of the best local cabs in Bathinda:

  • Bathinda Local Taxi Rental for 8 hours and 80 km – You will get 8h/80km packages for a day trip with Bathinda local cabs. If exceeding km or hour, you can pay on the basis of the extra km/hour rate.
  • Local Taxi in Bathinda for 12 hours and 120 km – For a full day ride in Bathinda by taxi, you can book a 12h/120km limit taxi. It will fully assist you in exploring Bathinda with your family or friends easily.
  • 4 hours and 40 km local taxi package for Bathinda – With 4h/40km taxi service in Bathinda, you can make a short ride in the local city. You can use it for a corporate meeting in the city as well as a short drop within Bathinda city.
  • 6 hours and 60 km local cab hire in Bathinda – This local taxi package will help you make a half-day trip to the city of Bathinda. If riding extra than 6h/60km then you can pay as per extra charges.
  • Airport Pickup and Drop Cabs in Bathinda – For a pickup and drop taxi from Airport, you can hire airport cabs in Bathinda with 24x7 services.

Taxi Service in Bathinda for Outstation Round Trip

You are not getting just a simple driver when hiring a Zeo Taxi outstation cab in Bathinda; you are getting a professional chauffeur who has been specifically trained to drive long distances. In addition, the driver will be fluent in your language and will be able to advise you on where to eat, see, and shop. At Zeo Taxi, we take safety very seriously, so all of our drivers are background checked and undergo extensive training and sensitization. In addition, our round-the-clock support assures that if you have any problems during your outstation cabs ride, it is only a phone call away.

You can also choose to take a round journey on all routes or a one-way drop on 15 lakh routes, in which case you will just be paid for the distance traveled and save half of the total round-trip cost. We believe in allowing our customers to make informed decisions; thus, we provide various automobile options ranging from Hatchbacks and Sedans to Innovas, Tempo Travelers, and even luxury vehicles. We also offer complete itinerary flexibility for outstation cab bookings to enjoy the destination and all minor detours along the way.

What types of Bathinda outstation taxi booking are available here: -

  • Bathinda taxi for an outstation round trip one-day trip For a one-day journey with the Bathinda outstation taxi service, you just need a few clicks in your browser to book and ride.
  • Outstation round trip cabs from Bathinda for the multiday journey – Book an outstation taxi in Bathinda for the round trip if planning a multiday ride. You will get here all-inclusive packages at affordable deals.
  • Book a Bathinda outstation taxi for a religious tour – If making mind about a religious trip in & nearby Bathinda, you can also book the lowest taxi fare for a day or multi-day ride.
  • Hire a cab service from Bathinda for a Historical trip When you are planning a historical taxi ride nearby Bathinda, you can easily hire a cab for your trip. With Zeo Taxi Bathinda, you just need to ring your phone, and a cab will be at your doorstep within a few minutes.
  • Trip to a hill station by a taxi rental from Bathinda Also, for the hill station trip nearby Bathinda, you can easily get a taxi with well-experienced drivers. Drivers will also suggest you the way of your journey perfectly.

Book Cabs in Bathinda for One Way Drop

Zeo Taxi sets itself apart by delivering exceptional one-way taxi service from Bathinda and a diverse range of alternatives from a large fleet of well-maintained vehicles. You can hire whatever one-side cab service you choose, from a little car to a sedan and even a 6+ seater MUV like the Innova and Ertiga. It implies you won't have to spend more money if you're going alone.

If you are travelling in a large group with friends or family, choosing Innova as your one-way taxi service is ideal. Zeo Taxi gives you the freedom to select the best one-side cab rental for your budget and number of passengers.

We will supply you with a comprehensive fare breakdown for your one-side cab booking in advance to ensure complete transparency. Our call centre will always be proactive in getting your bookings done and answering all of your questions if you wish to book a one-way cab rental by phone. You can receive any information or specifics about one-way vehicle hire or one-way cab service by contacting us.

Types of Bathinda One Way Cabs available here: -

  • One-way drop taxi from Bathinda – You can book a one-way taxi from Bathinda for a drop at any time, whether day or night. For a drop taxi rental in Bathinda, try to hire a cab one day prior.
  • Bathinda one-way transfer cabs for outstation – For outstation transfer cabs in Bathinda, Zeo Taxi can provide the best facility during your ride.
  • Affordable Fare for One way taxi hire from Bathinda – If looking for the best deals and affordable fares, it may be a good option to book a cab from Zeo Taxi Bathinda.
  • One-way cabs on rent from Bathinda for Long Distance Drop For long-distance dropping, you can book one way cabs from Bathinda at the lowest fare deals.
  • Book a Taxi in Bathinda for One way during a Business Trip – Booking a taxi service in Bathinda for one-way during a business trip will be the best and most affordable ride with Zeo Taxi.

Cab Service in Bathinda for Nearby Airport Drop

When booking airport cabs in Bathinda for and from nearby Airport, Zeo Taxi assesses several factors, including which taxi service provides the best in class experience at the lowest costs, on-time pick up, no last-minute cancellations, professional driver behaviour, etc. But why are we so picky when it comes to cab booking Bathinda on the Internet? It's due to previous bad experiences with other taxi services, such as drivers arriving late for pickup, not picking up calls, cancelling rides without the customers' approval, etc.

Hire a taxi in Bathinda for airport drop or a pickup and drop from Airport nearby at the cheapest fare deals. Get these airport taxi services given below: -

  • Airport Taxi in Bathinda for Outstation Round Trip If looking for an airport taxi in Bathinda from nearby airports, you can get the cheapest taxi fare. For an outstation round trip taxi from Bathinda, it would make it much easier for us.
  • Bathinda Airport Cabs for One-way Drop For a one-way cab from Airport in Bathinda or nearby, we are also providing affordable fare deals for your trip.
  • Airport Car Rental in Bathinda for Local City Trip and Transfer On the other hand, to get a local ride with an airport car rental, Zeo Taxi is available 24 hours. Also, you can get a drop or local transfer for and from the nearby Airport in Bathinda.

Why is Zeo Taxi Bathinda the best Taxicab provider?

Zeo Taxi has established itself as a reliable cab service for road journeys during Bathinda local and outstation trips. We have accomplished numerous things previously, which is why Zeo Taxi has become a renowned cab on hire for Bathinda trips. Customers trust our car rental service on Bathinda routes for several reasons.

Lowest/Cheapest Taxi Fare Rates - Zeo Taxi offers the lowest/cheapest taxi hire rates for Bathinda cab hire reservations, whether one-way or round journey.

Customized Taxi Booking Packages for Local & Outstation - Zeo Taxi customizes cab packages based on the traveller's needs, including on-road charges like tolls, parking, and driver allowances.

Best Discounts, Offers, and Deals for your Trip - On Bathinda cab hire, Zeo Taxi always (365 days) offers the best deals, and discounts and contributes to the customers, such as up to 500/- Cashback, Flat discounts on weekend cab bookings, Movies or Food Vouchers on the online cab booking.

Flexible Payment Choices - For Bathinda taxi rental reservations, Zeo Taxi offers a variety of payment options, including 1) paying only 20% of the entire bill online and paying the remaining amount personally to the driver during the trip as per his requirements. 2) For Bathinda excursions, you can pay in full at online cab booking. 3) If you reserve a cab rental for Bathinda at the last minute, you can pay the full fare to the driver.

Breakdown Support - For Bathinda taxi bookings, Zeo Taxi also offers on-road breakdown assistance. We will provide you with an alternate Bathinda taxi hire from the nearest available garage if your car breaks down while you are on your way. Customers will not be charged any additional fees.

Car Rental in Bathinda – Get Cheapest Taxi Fare for your Journey

Zeo Taxi, Bathinda's leading outstation taxi service company, offers car rentals in Bathinda to ensure a stress-free journey with an experienced driver. If you require a long-term chauffeur-driven car hire in Bathinda, we will also supply you with economical car booking discounts and the best fare prices. Additionally, you can get a commercial taxi fare for Bathinda with a trained driver for any business meetings in the city or nearby.

Our company is committed to providing the best car rental service with a driver possible when booking a Bathinda cab hire with a driver. You'll have access to Bathinda taxi rental deals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with well-trained drivers and a sanitized taxi service. Get a one-way automobile with a driver for a trip outside of town. Zeo Taxi Bathinda will provide a quick car rental reservation service for any city in India. In addition, you can tour your favourite sights in & around Bathinda in better comfort if you book a cab rental with a driver.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions for Taxi Rental in Bathinda

There are some FAQs for taxi rental in Bathinda that will help you to get the best deal. It will help you to book a taxi easily and at an affordable fare deal. Let's see: -

1: Can I pay by debit card/credit card/Wallet during Bathinda taxi hire?

Surely, you can pay the fare by using a debit card, credit card, or wallet with the help of our gateway links.

2: Do I need to pay in advance for the Bathinda taxi service?

When one is asking for some advance for a Bathinda taxi service means your cab would be held for your ride after that advance. So, you can pay the advance for your ride safety with Zeo Taxi.

3: How can I get the best deal on a taxi booking in Bathinda?

For taxi booking in Bathinda, you can hold your car someday prior after paying some advance. Also, you can check the taxi fare with more than one company to get the best deals during your ride.

4: What is the taxi fare for Bathinda ride?

The taxi fare for and from Bathinda totally depends on your type of journey. If making a local taxi ride, you will find various affordable packages starting from 1540/-. And, for outstation taxi hire from Bathinda, book a cab rate starting from 9/-. Other terms apply.

5: Which type of car is good for Bathinda travel?

For the Bathinda trip, you can book a taxi based on the number of passengers like a Sedan (Swift Dzire, Etios, Tata Zest, etc.) for 1-4 passengers and an SUV (Toyota Innova, Innova Crysta, Tavera, etc.) for 5-8 passengers and a Tempo Traveler for more than 7 passengers.

6: How to book the cheapest taxi rental for and from Bathinda?

When looking for the cheapest taxi rental for and from Bathinda, you can book someday prior and pay some advance to confirm and hold the cab.

7: Can I book a taxi to Bathinda for a group tour?

Yes, you can book a Bathinda taxi like Sedan for 4 people, an SUV for 6-7 people, or a Tempo Traveler for more than 8 people during a group tour.

8: Can I carry pets while riding by car hire in Bathinda?

Of course, you can carry a pet during a taxi trip from Bathinda. You just need to pay 100-150 extra for cleaning the car.

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